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I recently have been chosen to be a Deviant Underground!

if you don't know what i'm talking about, lets just take a look at this:

The Notice Board

Deviant-Underground No longer has members. We have come up with a system that is much easier and allows whoever wishes to support this project the ability to do so at their own leisure. There are many ways you can participate in this project, see the list below.

To Participate:

:bulletblue: Put :devdeviant-underground: into your signature or journal.

:bulletblue: Subscribers can put our stamp into their journals using the following code;
<a href=""><img src=""></a>

:bulletblue: Suggest a deviation, send us a note with the subject DU Suggestions. Please send only one link per note, for organization reasons. Suggested pieces of artwork must have less than 15 favorites to be considered for feature in our journal. Also please do not suggest an artist without suggesting a piece of that artists work. Note: You can not suggest pieces from your own gallery, these suggestions will be ignored.

:bulletblue: Offical Group Chatroom

:bulletblue: Spread the word through your own journal. The links below will take you to a page where you can copy the information from our journal in order to paste it into yours. It's quick and easy and you'll be helping bring the spotlight to the featured artists as well as this project.

*Subscribers Click here to get a copy of these thumbnails for your own journal
~NonSubscribers Click here to get a copy of these thumbnails for your own journal

Handy hint: you can just use one journal for the DU and just edit that one, it'll make your personal journals much tidyer!

Today's Selection
Tuesday by plzen-czech
Fly my pretty little comment monkeys, fly!

smoky city by Rage-against-myself
[Suggested by anti-praxe]

The Door II by jojo5185
[Suggested by phthalofire]

Luz Azul by Dian3
[Suggested by daniita]


here is the adress of my new blog. I built it month ago but I got lame and forgot it ^^
But know i'll try to update notes often.

little warning, it's all in french, so sorry for the one who don't speak french at all :(

EDIT: my blog is now also in english! :)
i saw that on :iconloish: journal, and as i'm totally on board with it, i pass the message:

"On August 7th, DA turns five years old. Five years for a website like this should be a grand affair, one big event.

So don't submit anything on August 7th.

I'm talking a print, a deviation, a scrap...nothing.

Instead, just leave a comment. Visit a user's page and just say hi. If someone wants to buy a subscription that day, I'm all in favor or it. It'll keep the servers going, and anything that keeps the hamster running is a good thing.

BUT...I think folks shouldn't buy any prints. No print subscriptions. That goes against the COMMUNITY theme for the day.

We want to put the COMMUNITY back into DA.

If you're in favor of this, if you believe in the power this COMMUNITY has, then join me. Post this in your own journal. Spread the word to everyone, with a :nod: and a :heart: . "

:nod: :heart:
Today, it's been a year i'm on deviant!

what can i say? 27 deviations in a year... that's not a lot, i should really draw more ^^
I hope i'll manage to make more good drawings next year, and then that you'll be a lot to come see my "art"!!
Yeah I finaly got through the 1000 views! thank you all!! :) :)

By the way, I had my first year! So well now I'll try to succeed the second year, in order to have at least something to put on my C.V ^^
yeah, today is my birthday! I'm officialy 19!

and I had a 18/20 today for one of my assignement! :)
yeah, I've got my half-thousand views !

thanks for all the people who come visiting my gallery!

so now, what's going on with my life? college is still boring, my assignment are so not interesting, but now i've just 12 hours of work per weeks left ^^, but my stupid teachers chose that moment to give us a good amount of work -_-.

I also think that I would be great for me to start working on my lessons 'cause my exams start the 23 of may... ^^
wouhouu, he took me a month to get 100 more pageviews... that's style lame but it's faster than before... :)

Hi everybody!

that's my first entry!! wouhouuu
(well, I'm on deviant since July and I never thought about writing my journal... or maybe was I just sooo lazy ^^)

So, what can I say..... I came home from college half an hour ago... that is soooo boring! I spent 4 hours this morning doing NOTHING AT ALL!

Now I don't now really what to do... continue the animation I'm working on, watching a movie, sleeping ^^... I've much choices. Well, I'll see.

P.S: If you check my gallery, please feel free to write any comments!!